1. Days of Being Wild,

    In the Mood for Love,


    Wong Kar Wai

    Days of Being Wild | 1990, 94 minutes

    Lonely twenty-somethings set in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Lush and moody—signature Wong Kar Wai.

    Wednesday, August 25 | Available on: Criterion Collection | Trailer

    (Other options: Happy Together / Chungking Express. Criterion Channel has em all.)

    In the Mood for Love | 2000, 98 minutes

    Turns out it's a trilogy: A next-door neighbor affair.

    Saturday, September 4 | Marina Del Rey

    2046 | 2004, 129 minutes

    Picking up where In the Mood for Love ended: time travel and lonely forty-somethings set in Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Thursday, December 16 | Koreatown

  2. Sepet

    Yasmin Ahmad

    2005, 104 minutes

    Teenage love story between a Chinese boy and Malay girl set in Malaysia. Meet cute at a pirated CD kiosk. Rom-com trifecta: funny, sad, very sweet.

    7pm, Friday, Feb 4th | Glassell Park | Available on: Youtube | Trailer

    Only thing: quality of the Youtube file is not the best and the captions drop out for whole scenes heh


    Ann Hui

    1982, 106 minutes

    A Japanese photojournalist goes to Vietnam to report on life after war.

    | Available on: Criterion Collection | Trailer

    I'd rather watch Song of the Exile, Hui's semi-autobiographical film about a daughter's return to Hong Kong from London, but can't find a way to watch it for the life of me

  4. Singapore GaGa

    Tan Pin Pin

    2005, 54 minutes

    Documentary about the sounds of Singapore. Delightful and tuned-in to detail

    | Available on: Vimeo ($1.99)

    Other option: She also made Invisible City, a video essay on about disappearing and future cities. Also on Vimeo.

  5. Cape No. 7

    Wei Te-sheng

    / Taipei Story

    Edward Yang

    Cape No. 7, 2008, 128 minutes

    Romantic-musical-comedy? Big box-office hit in Taiwan when it came out

    Available on: Japanese Netflix?

    If we can't find a way to watch it...

    Taipei Story, 1985, 110 minutes

    A city caught between past and present.

    | Available on: Criterion Collection

    Definitely a completely different vibe than Cape No. 7

  6. Arisan!

    Nia Dinata

    2003, 126 minutes

    A in-the-closet architect making his way around the Jakarta socialite scene. Comedy.

    | Available on: Youtube

    This could be bad and really outdated. It was mad censored in Indonesia when it came out.

  7. The Scent of Green Papaya

    Tran Anh Hung

    1993, 104 minutes

    A young girl moves into a rich household as a servant. Slow and visually stunning.

    | Available on: Kanopy

    Note: Don't watch the trailer. It gives away too much


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